Gemini Scrambler parts supplier?

New to the forum, and just "found" what appears to be a Gemini Scrambler at a swap meet over the weekend. Going to need some original/aftermarket replacement parts. Anyone have a line on a known supplier? Perhaps one of the other members might have some good used components?
Sorry, have it apart already, so no pics available at this time. Suffice it to say that it's a bit on the rough side, but reasonably solid. Most of the chrome is shot, so will have to paint that. Two broken spokes in the rear wheel, rear fender missing. Seat's really bad.
Going to need things like swing arm bushings, front fork bushings, possibly new rear shocks, rear brake parts and linkage, etc.

Many thanks in advance for any guidance you folks might have to offer.

I have a 1971 Gemini Scrambler. I find roached out Scrambler parts bikes on Craigslist once in a while, but that's about it. I have no source for parts for these and I've searched for a couple years. Keep in mind these were not made in the USA, and not made very long, so parts are not easy to come by. The "SST" was more the more popular model and are easier to find parts for. Your best bet is to find a couple of used bikes and get the parts off of those.

Fortunately, my bike is 100% complete.
Well, now, Ding. It appears that my bike just may be a '71. Yours has the exact paint scheme I found under the rather poorly-applied rattle can color change.
I did lurk here a bit before registering, and did discover that these were a Chinese import, for only a few years, as you say. The clues on my bike were also a big help. Still had the "Gemini" scrpit across what was left of the seat vinyl, all of the fasteners are metric, and there wasn't many bikes made with a single tube framework.
and thanks for the lead on a parts bike.