Gonna buy a welder ... Tig or Mig?

I'm a die Maker, I can Tig.
I have no Mig experience.

I'm just going to be goofing around at home .. is there any reason I would want to go Mig instead of Tig?


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MIGs are usually less expensive, but not as versatile. TIG is harder to learn IMO, but since you already know how, it will be no problem.


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Mig is a bit more portable/flexible if you’re doing outside or out of position work. Say, your car exhaust, etc. Might be better for heavier stuff too, like building a trailer or something.
I own both and hands down tig. The mig is faster and better for ferrous metal welding but if you are going to weld stainless you need to change from the normal 25/75 mix to 5% or less CO2 otherwise the weld can rust and aluminum with a mig can cause jams unless you use a spool gun and the welds look kinda crapy although I am far from a skilled welder and some of my aluminum welding looks more like soldering so your mileage may vary. . With a AC/DC tig you can weld most anything and also do SI/bronze brazing, cast iron with a special rod ect.


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I have a Hobart 140 for 110V and a Millermatic 180 for 220V usage, both with C25 gas. Mostly use to weld bits and bobs to cycle projects, repair mower decks/OPE, general home projects, crafts, a bit of everything really. They do, however, fall short doing fine precision stuff, thin sheet metal, or non-ferrous stuff.


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I have both.....I still use both for different things. Tig is more technical, on the other hand mig is relatively easy. I taught my 8 year old daughter to use it. Once the wire speed and voltage are set, your in bidness. The multi-process units are interesting. I have Miller, Lincoln and Hobart. Recently, a friend of mine got a inverter Everlast tig machine. He said it works fine. This guys website and youtube channel has a lot of good tips and tricks and have helped me improve.

I have both as well and agree that they each do a good job for different reasons. The Tig is slow but much more usable for a variety of metals. While the Mig is fast and generally a mild steel welder unless you have a spool gun for aluminum or Helium to weld stainless.

If I had to choose one or the other and I already knew how to Tig weld I would buy the Tig and be happy with it.

I have to agree that Jody is an outstanding welder and offers a lot of very good welding "tips and tricks" I too have learned a lot from his videos. I also like to shop with him as he has some very good welding accessories. I bought his #16 cups and gas lens kit for my Tig when I was welding my buddy Bruce's stainless exhaust for his Blazer. It made a difference in weld quality with the big cups and the gas lens.

For those that arent familiar with Tig torch cup numbers they equal 1/16th of an inch. So a size 16 cup is 1 inch in diameter. And 8 would be 1/2 inch.