Got a new electric Go Kart ''winter'' project idea rolling around in my head.

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I have been thinking about an 1800 - 2000w, 48v brushless Go Kart project for this winter.
It would be powered by 2 - 48v, 13s - 4p packs run in parallel.
Each pack has 52 - 18650 - 3000ma cells.

Am looking everyday on the Facebook classifieds for this area, & also on Craigslist,, for preferably a ''cheap'' roller chassis single seat Kart.
A race Kart chassis would be preferable, but would also be happy with a rec. / Sport kart also.
Found some killer deals in other states ''so far'',, but they are to many miles away.
Best deal I found ,, was a single seat roller in Indiana, that looked like an old 70's Murray type ect., for 100 bucks.

Just have to be patient,, & I know one ''closer by'' will pop up eventually...

For kicks & doodles,, I did a layout drawing on the garage floor Sat. night while having a couple of brews,, just to see how much material it would take to make a frame out of 2 by 2 - 1/4 wall aluminum.

I figured up around 35ft. @ 8 - 11 dollars a ft. :eek:
Came to the conclusion ''real quick'',, that it would be ''really silly'' going that route.:rolleyes:

I will post here again when something transpires. ;)

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Hit the Jackpot on a vintage ''complete'' racing Kart ''chassis'' for $250 bucks !! :p

Looks like it's a later 80's Margay ''expert'',, from what I can tell so far .
The Guy wasn't for sure exactly what it is,, but we will all figure it out soon enough.;)

My Buddy ''Fred'' & I,, are planning a road trip this next week to pick it up.
The Guy has a bunch of other older racing Karts,, & it is looking like he is going to offer one to Fred also.

Really cool thing also with going electric on these, is,, there are 2 wires on the controllers to hook up to a switch,, allowing reverse function. :cool:

I will post pics ''probably mid next week'' when mine, ''or both'',, are sitting in my shop. :)

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We are going to end up doing 1''- 1 1/4 aluminum axels ect. on our Karts to shed weight.
Hubs, & whatever else is economical on these,, also will be aluminum.;)
I can get 40' inch long, 1'' in.- 1 1/4 Key slotted axels,, for under 50 bucks ea.
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Did a chicken scratch ''ratio/ speed'' chart this morning.

We have to go with 6'' rims on the Karts,, so we can run 14.3 - 14.5 tires on the rears,, & 13 - 13.5 ones on the fronts,, for clearance ect. on the subdivision streets around here.

Best ratio I came up with ''so far'',, is 6.8 - 1.
Think for optimum efficiency, this ratio would be best, for generally just cruising around,, like we do on the Mini's.
Top speeds are only going to be around 33 - 34mph, but,, that ought to still be fun.

Tires for the rears I came up with are,, Carlisle: 15 / 6.5 / 6 - ''Turf saver 2's''.
I can get these tires for around 16 bucks ea.
Actual O.D. with these mounted on 6'' rims, would be est. around 14.5.

The fronts are going to be 13 - 13.5 in tall ones, probably with more of street treads.
Rim widths on fronts will also probably be 5.5''.
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In my latest research this morning,, I found a better motor/ combo set up.
The combo I stumbled across,, the motor is a ''BM1109'', not a ''MY1020'' like the one I put in Fred's Mini.

The ''BM1109'', is actually a 48v ''2000w'' motor that's rated @ 38a, & has an advertised rpm of 5,200 - 5,500 !
The 48v ''MY1020'', is rated @ 1800w & 4,500 - 5,200 rpm's & 33amps.

Combo with ''large'' 12 fet controller, pedal,, & motor,,, is only 138 bucks out of Cali, w/ free ship.:p


The 4,500 rpm rating on the motor sticker is probably average for the 100%, setting.
Remember from Fred's build,, the controllers have wires to an optional switch for 3 speeds.
Default is 100% ''with out'' the switch, & the same as ''2nd'' speed with the switch.
You get your 5,200 - 5,500 rpm's with having the switch hooked up & having it set on the 3rd speed.
The 3rd speed setting put's the motor @ around 115%.;)

When I tested Fred's ''MY1020'' motor rpm's with a laser tach,, I got ''over'' 5,200 rpm's ''with no load'',, in the 3rd speed position.

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Latest research I have done on my chassis,, has me leaning towards that it looks more like an 80''s vintage - Coyote ''Bullet''.
Still not positive though ...
Hopefully we will be taking a trip Thurs. to pick it up,, & one more .;)
Fred & I are all set to take a road trip early Sun. morning to pick up my chassis, & one more .

Here is a pic I found of a really nice restored later 80''s Coyote ''Bullet'' sprint.
Looks like a real stout design , & I love the narrow waist frame of it ect.
Almost 100% positive now, that this is the type of chassis I' am getting.

Mine doesn't look near that good '' yet'',, but it will. ;)

Plan on painting my frame Electric blue metallic. :cool:
Think mine has ''a lot'' of chrome under the old / crappy ''re - paint'' job some one ''once'' did.
Hopefully I can get those chrome parts exposed & spiffed up again.
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Look'ee what my Buddy & I each picked up today !! :p
Mine,, 80''s Coyote Bullet sprint,,
His,, early 80's Margay ''Expert'' sprint.

It was a ''long @$$'' drive,,, but well worth it, for 250 bucks ea !!
100_6404.JPG unnamed.jpg 100_6406.JPG 100_6407.JPG 5610392_orig.jpg 6817180_orig.jpg
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Was ripp'n & strip'n on my ''Wile-E'' yesterday,, & found the ID letters & number stamps on the inside & outside of the caliper frame mount bracket.
The outside letters & numbers are : K I C 9 0.
The ''I C'' is the same as my initials !! o_O:p

I then called Coyote racing in NY, & was real lucky in talking with ''Jim'',, one of the two head Guys.
He told me that my chassis is a 1990 ''Bullet'' .;)
I told him about the ''I C'',, & it kind of floored him, as it did with me also.
Also told him about my resto & electric conversion plans on it,, & he thought that was really cool, & would like some pics. when it's finished . :cool:

It was definitely in the stars with me scoring this chassis, & I was only off a year or so on my guess of the year, make,, & model. :)

I 100_6422.JPG
Got my frame pretty much stripped & smoothed out,, don't think it even weighs 30 lbs, now.
Also got ''Fred's'' drive wheels & hubs up to snuff.. Classic Douglas orange label rims.
''A lot of work'',, as these were pretty much demolition derby Karts.:rolleyes:
I don't think they really knew what they had,, but I will bring them back better than ever.
It's well worth every minute I put into them. ;)
These are ''rare'' racing frames,, & to buy a ''re - issue'' Coyote ''free roller'' - bare frame,, is 1000 bucks.
They are remaking these ''classic'' Coyote chassis, calling them - ''free roller's'',, as there is - ''a lot'' of requests for them.
It's basically my chassis.
My bearing housing ''drive'' cassettes are made out of titanium,, & they still make the exact same ones for their new stuff.
Pretty cool.
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Got my frame completely stripped & just about ready for primer.

Fred took his bare Margay frame home the other day & just contacted me that he weighed it.

His bare frame weighs only 25lbs. !

Mine ''am guessing'' ,, is going to be 1 - 2 lbs. more.

Rough ''shoot @ the hip'' calculation on his finished AUW now,, am figuring ,,, @ around 95 lbs. !

Mine should easy be under 100, when I get new ''lightweight'' tubular chrome - ''re pop'' - front & rear bumpers from Coyote racing.

The ones that came with mine,, are ''boat anchor'' solid steel ''sprint'' bumpers.

Front weighs 9.3 lbs,, & the rear weighs 4 1/4 . :oops:

We also made a big order on parts & stuff the other day,, & should see it around the beginning of next week.:)


I found some higher capacity 13s4p packs on e bay,, & they have 3500ma cells in them,, which translates to 14ah per pack.
That will be a total capacity of 28 ah with both packs wired in parallel.
Should get some decent run time out of those. ;)

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For ''kicks & doodles'',, I did a rough ''slight - brief'' assy. on my ''Wile-E'' this eve., with existing parts,,, to get a bit of a general idea of what it will look like when it's finished.

It is, & ''Fred's'',, are going to have - ''a lot'' - taller & different tires on them when they are finished,, ''for the street's''. ;)


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For ''kicks & doodles'',, I did a rough ''slight - brief'' assy. on my ''Wile-E'' this eve., with existing parts,,, to get a bit of a general idea of what it will look like when it's finished.

It is, & ''Fred's'',, are going to have - ''a lot'' - taller & different tires on them when they are finished,, ''for the street's''. ;)


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Looking good.can't wait to see this bad boy done