H35 cam gear

I bought this H35 lighted engine non runner cheap.Found the cam gear missing teeth,The crank gear is fine and the plastic gov. gear has the tip of two gears worn.The shroud was all cracked and pieces missing I think this is due to vibration.The crank rod journal worn .015 .rod worn .006 .main at pto worn .012 and mag side worn .008.The rod would have .021 clearance.This must have been knocking and vibrating real bad rest of engine in good shape,so a crank cam and rod going in,



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Wowza! were the pins in the sidecover?

I bought a Rupp engine one time that was "tight" to spin for an unknown reason. When I tore it down debris had bound up in the cam shaft journal and semi seized it. It moved the timing gear on the shaft! Those gear are just pressed on not pinned. Didnt take out any teeth though, but pretty much everything was trashed internally. Good luck with the build!