Has anyone here used this gas tank?


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is this something you want to try on a baja style frame or what? if so on a baja frame the tank must drop alot in the center over the frame to fit correct or I should say look correct. hard to tell if that tank does or not.


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Thank you the info. A fellow in Albuquerque contacted me with an old tank in very good condition,no dent and not rusty for 20 bucks.
I'll need a petcock,but hey, its a real gas tank for the 60's so quality is 1st rate.
He will meet me in the AM for the tank.
Photos he sent me look like an original Yamaha tank, he does not remember as he is my age.
Got to ask. How wide is it??? I have a Honda Rebel tank for my Baja and is fits pretty good. It is only slightly larger than the original fake tank in width and length. There are pics of it on here somewhere showing the original fake tank sitting on top of the Honda tank. As well as pics of it on my frame. Just have to search for them.