Heathkit Boonie Bike Spark Arrestor/Muffler

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I'm cleaning out some storage and forgot I had this... A super nice Boonie Bike spark arresting muffler. This was the optional muffler available by mail order, or when you ordered your Boonie kit. Super nice condition, I had this rechromed last year and put it in storage but never used it. Needs to go to a new home. Carefully boxed and shipped via FedEx for $165 shipped. Paypal as friend or include the fee.. I'm also in the downriver area of SE MI if you want to pick up. Thanks. PS; Those are fingerprints on the tailpipe, not pitting....dang it...lol

IMG_0415.JPG IMG_0416.JPG IMG_0419.JPG IMG_0417.JPG IMG_0418.JPG
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^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was under the understanding that that was more of an Adapter than a muffler... below is how I was planning to run it....hope this helps....

Boonie muffler pic.png
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