Heathkit Boonie Brake Substitute?

Does anyone know where I can get a brake hub ass'y that will fit a Heathkit Boonie sprocket and bolt to the frame bracket like the original? I posted for a used original in "Wanted", but just in case I can't find one, this would be the next route to take. I have seen Azusa, wonder if those work? Anyone found a substitute for the original? Thanks
I bought 2 from OMB for my Heathkit Boonie and they fit up perfect. As I recall they cost around $70.00 each. They are made thick & heavy just like the originals.
Thanks for the quick reply Mariah!! I think (from what I measured) the Azusa 5" must be the correct brake. I think they are down to $35 on one of the sites I visited, and I thought they looked very similar to the original with a different actuator lever (not the pinch bolt type). Di you have to drill holes through it to mount it? Thanks!
The original Boonie utilized a 5" Bendix expanding brake, right? The Azusa brakes are pretty much a copy of them, but would require drilling IMHO. Here are five NOS Bendix 5" brakes on Ebay that I think would work.

Wow, thanks for the heads up on that. I was actually over at their shop today and ordered one up. I guess they had a bunch in boxes that were ordered for minis that were never made. Sounds like Bendix made these for everyone back then and they were slightly modified as needed