Hello, anyone out there?


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Sure, all pictures are appreciated as they help everyone along with what they're doing. Whether it's motivation for them to get back working on their bikes or as an idea of what to do next!


Thanks for the pics

Hey Hent
Sent a few pics off last night of the bikes I am working on. Also included some shots of the various frame modifications that AC did. This should help a few people out on identifying what year bike they have and why it was done. An example would be on the photo of the 70 seat pan, there was no 1/8 inch rod support at the back of the pan under the taillight mount. 99% of the frames I have seen are bent down. In 71, this support was added. I have chose to make this upgrade on my bikes. It may take away a bit of the originality, but I don't have bent seat pans.
Hello,anyone out there

I myself have been recouping from one of my various escapades.I did however get all my lawn jobs done and managed to get spark to another old briggs engine I have sitting on the bench,I have like 10 of em sitting out there,a lot of cleaning and sanding to do.I do a lot of sanding,sanding sanding.LOL briggs
I took a ride today :D My friend and his 3 kids rode in the Labor Day parade with my son and I. Was a pretty good time.
Still jonzin' more every day for the trail ride.
"Let's Ride!!!!"