Hello everyone, STRANGE MINI BIKE here is it British?

I've seen enough people join to get a bike identified then never come back, using the helpful OMB members, that I thought that was what was happening here. I didn't expect to see the OP on here again after HD posted the link to the eBay listing, but he did come back, and he listed the bike in the classified section at a much lower price for members, I give him props for that. Maybe he will stick around (he did say he bought another bike to ride). The bike is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it, what someone else has sold or bought a bike for in the past is irrelevant. Just because some people give bikes away doesn't mean others have to. Consider the two Bonanza/Hodaka bikes recently listed, the guy probably could have sold the gas tanks for about what he priced the bikes at if the tanks are solid, same for the engines; for the complete bikes, I think he could have gotten 4x what he asked. The OP has a unique rig; somewhere, someone with deep pockets would want it, but it could take a while for the seller and buyer to find each other.

For those in areas where vintage minibikes are plentiful and cheap, I'll show a couple of examples of southeast Virginia pricing. I posted both of these in the eBay & Craigslist forum section when the listings were current (posted the first one just to show the rust to dollar ratio!).

Rupp Ruster: $3k (Norfolk, 2018)

Rupp Roadster (restored): $5.8k (Richmond, 2019)


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That is one neat bike! The photos seem to show that the plating is Nickle rather than Chrome. If that is the case that really makes the bike a Class Act as nickle plating last forever over the chrome plating and wears like iron and looks better. Kinda like Mother of Pearl grips on a pistol com-paired to real Ivory.
The workmen ship on the sidecar to mini bike is very well done. What fun!