Help to ID this 2 stroke go-kart

Stranger yet, this exact kart was listed on eBay less than a month ago as a vintage "Tornado K5" racing go-kart. If you were the seller, you already know what it is. If you were the buyer, you know what it is, my question is how does one come into possession of such an item less than a month from it being listed on eBay and not know what it is?. While trying to help you identify this kart, I found numerous pictures, one of which is in the same driveway as the mini bikes you have listed in the classifieds here ( 7th picture ). That picture identifies it as a "Tornado K5", the chances of two identical vintage karts which one owner knows what it is and a month later the second owner doesn't know what it is are slim to none, What gives?.

s-l1600.jpg s-l1602.jpg s-l1604.jpg s-l1605.jpg s-l1606.jpg s-l1608.jpg Vintage-“Tornado-K5”-Racing-Go-Kart.jpg

Tornado Screenshot.png
Ahhhhh, I guess you found out what it was before you listed it as I see your initial post was in October and the eBay listing was in November, makes sense now, Hahahaha, Duh!.