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Im putting a clutch brake on my wifes DB( I have had bad experience with the hydros) and I have a few questions. First off Im using promods clutch gaurd, so I drilled a hole in the clutch gaurd mounting plate. I just eyed it up best I could( with my 1 eye). I did some searching and found ppl saying a4" band should be used on MT clutchs( so I ordered one from OMB). I took a band off my TS-101, dunno the size but I think its a 4"(I think the drum measured 4"), jst to start messing with it till my package arrives this week. The only bolts I could find that looked like they would work at TSC might be 1/4" too short (Ill try my local hardware guy tommorrow). It completely grabs the drum just is off center a bit, towards the sprocket. im using a used cable, but still works fine, I just dont have a spring to put in there for a return on hand( I will get one).

I took it for a test run and it works pretty good. I think I bent the band a lil putting it on:doah:and without the return spring it barely drags. Im wondering does the band have to be perfect center to the clutch drum? Also do ppl drill a hole in the bolt to run the cable thru the top of the band? I hope that makes sense. Can you guys show me some close up pics of your homeade clutch brakes? I DID search and thats where I got my ideas, but couldnt find any close pics to see the top bolt ect..

Thanks guys for any help....... Korey
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Here's a picture of a clutch brake piece I picked up somewhere,
notice the hole drilled through the anchoring stud:

....And this is the way I do mine on the rightside:

....but it works either way.
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Those pics helped, thanks. Mac, thats just what I wanted to know, it would only make sense to guide the cable thru the top too. I mean it works O.K right now but ive never done this before.
It seems my anchor bolt is a bit closer to the drum than most pics Ive seen, does this matter? Does the band have to be dead center? Mac what length bolt is that you used?:bowdown:

Creia, Ive gone thru pads really fast( that could be my riding:doah:).The rubber parts that hold the mount to the caliper started to wear out real soon. I went out in Jan, on a warmer day riding thru a muddy,snowy hay field, I got ALOT of mud and grass up in the caliper and pads, and somehow got air in the lines. I lost my pads and the lil clip in the field. Ive since put new pads and made the bigger rubber thing fit backwards on the post,bled the lines.ANd they work ok now, but im weary of really gettingon them.Ill take a pics if you want.Ive also learned I might have a bent rotor( I have a pocket bike for parts I think the rotor for that will fit the DB), Possibly cuz I had the Hydros offset since day 1, again would be my own fault, live and learn. So Ive not had any luck, and if they perform so bad in those conditions, which I ride in thick mud and grass mostly, I have to come up with some other kind of brakes. Im no machinist, but figure if alot of ppl like clutch brakes and I use a good chain to prevent fail, I will have a decent brake:thumbsup: I hope that makes some sense and doesnt seem like noobish ramble. I know only what Ive read and taught myself.

Thanks for your help guys:bowdown::scooter:
Thanks for the information. I have had hydro brakes on 2 DB's for about 6 months now, (limited riding) w/o any problems so far. I was just interested in how these hold up over time.
My band brake is holding up great! I love it! SO I put the new band on my othher DB since the hydro's kept falling apart(Im just not meant to use those I guess). Works even better:thumbsup: Now just to get my clutch gaurd back on.:grind: Oh and get some of the expensive chain to prevent fail :hammer::scooter:


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I just made a clutch brake for a Fox mini..... It seems to grab ok (rolling on the stand that is) I'll test it out this weekend and let you know. I also drilled a hole through the anchor stud like Mac did. :thumbsup:
I havent drilled the guide holes yet in the anchor stud. I guess I should do that since I plan on leaving em. Stupid question, but how important do you think that hole is? OR how easy would it be to drill a grade 8 bolt?lol