Here is a pic of me & my ol'lady on my Shovelhead, riding down I 70 in the Mountain's around Avon Col. in 1989 ,, before Sturgis.

Them Damn VW's !!
I got hit by one on my bicycle going thru an intersection in the late 60's when I was a kid.
He ran the stop sign & clipped my rear wheel.
I slid on my whole front side, ''all the way'' to the opposite curb.
Worst road rash I ever had,, & only had on a swim suit.
Went to the ER in short order after that one....
Also got hit by a VW Rabbit on my Harley back in the mid 80's going thru an intersection.
Hit me on the RR, just missed my leg,, & snapped my kicker shaft clean in half !
Slid on that ordeal too, but was fully dressed that time & walked away.
Still went to the ER though.
The Rabbit was totaled, my bike faired much better.
Them old Harley's are tough!
I have had some real duesy's, & have been ''extremely'' lucky.
Definitely have some Guardian Angels looking after me.

That was a nice looking Trumpet chopper.
Dig the TT pipes !!
Sorry your folks got messed up.

Yes, it sounds like we've dodged a few bullets during our time on the planet. It is a well-known fact that auto drivers sometimes look right at you approaching on your bike and still manage to knock you over--b/c you apparently don't "register" in the scheme of things when it comes to their perceptions. The ability to troubleshoot the environment is highly developed in us bikers b/c we can't afford to miss much in terms of our survival/perceptual system. My first mishap was getting hit by a little old lady headed for church on Sunday morning when she proceeded to "road rash" my butt and put some serious kinks on my Cushman Eagle when I was abt 13 yrs old. That ruined our Sunday morning for sure!!