Here's more of my 4 wheel toys

Yep, that's my great granddaughter, Abbie, and she already owns a real motorcycle that she loves to sit on until she learns to ride it. That green thing in the background is her giant ant farm we made last year with extra windows from her dad's IHC Scout. Time to fill it back up with ants.
Here's the bumper car we restored. I made the base and covered the wheels with large rubber hose slices to roll around inside his house without damaging the floor. DSCN8087.JPG DSCN8085.JPG DSCN8086.JPG
It's a pedal car I made for her dad about 27 years ago. It has pedals under the floorboards she can use by lifting the board out. It has a differential on the rear axle from a three wheel bicycle. I made one for my kids 45 years ago. 1st photo is my 1st go kart build with my 2 year old daughter riding it in circles. It has an old cast iron Briggs with a belt clutch. DSCN8071.JPG DSCN8072.JPG
A couple years later I made another car for my kids with a 5hp Briggs motor in the front with a drive shaft to an angle gear in the rear. It has a lantern battery to operate the car radio in the dash and a glove box for the starting rope. DSCN8075.JPG DSCN8076.JPG DSCN8077.JPG DSCN8078.JPG DSCN8079.JPG