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This one is on offer-up as a "custom". lol Hit me up with a negotiable price This is a custom mini bike with a 80cc predator engine goes about 45 miles per hour it comes with new sprocket has new grips phone holder oil and spark plug you have to put on also it has a brand new pull start helmet and fox gloves all it need. Is a brake line and to put the throttle line on that it offer me anything price negotiable got no space for it it also run also do trade for a pit bike go cart or 4 wheeler or gas scooter!

Wow! 12 pages of bent forks ... I don't feel so bad now.

Don't have a surviving pic of the bike but way, way back in the 60s I folded the forks back against the engine on my Taco 22. Growing up in the Hollywood Hills we would go down to the Hollywood Bowl parking lot on Sundays and race around the 'islands'.

Hollywood Bowl parking lot.jpg

There were fewer trees then and a lot more chest high bushes. And, of course, totally deserted with not even a security guard. Picture 6-8 minibikes and go karts going every which way around those islands. Of course, we never got around to establishing a track direction to follow.

Well, I was cornering / dragging the pegs around the end of one of those islands ( thinking I was the next Mike Hailwood ) and my older brother was WFO in his go kart coming around the same island ... in the opposite direction naturally. BOOM! I went flying thru the air (no helmets back then).

Came out of it with just a broken thumb, banged up knee and some bruises. My Taco 22 wasn't quite as lucky. Forks and front wheel were folded back against the engine. I sold my entire comic book collection to some book store to pay for the repairs done by a sympathetic mechanic ( I was a 10 year-old kid on crutches and a cast on my right arm after all ) at the local Triumph motorcycle dealership.

Good times .... but damn, those comics today would have bought 10 Taco 22s (even at today's silly prices).