Home made springer spindles?

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I’m looking to add springer spindles to my dune cat. Should I cut and weld on extension to original spindles 2E5F4968-3A69-4C8D-A2F7-8BFF3450AD8C.png add longer bolts and add springs or bite the bullet and spend $50+ on new springer spindles
sure id just extend them and add a gusset on top. looks like its bent already might want to add another bar across the whole thing. Tires make a big difference too. are those 8" wheels? Wheelbarrow tires are way softer but they dont have much tread.
The kart had the original golf cart tires which were basically tread less. I did go with wheel barrow rims and tires because they cut through the weeds rather than plowing them over and added a little height as well. My son crashed into a tree and bent the front ‘axle’ along with a crack in the frame just behind the axle and snapped a steering wheel arm. I temporarily half-ass fix the issue and lasted for 3 years until he out grew it. Being retired and have some free time I plan to do a totally modified restoration fiberglass, roll bar,lights, tires, hub caps,electric squirt guns etc to a spider man buggy theme. Back to springer spindles. Do they have the same vertical angle as regular spindles and how long should I make them? I’m not using them as a shock absorber per-say rather as something to cut down on vibration