HS40 Ball-bearing Crankshaft

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I'm looking for a crankshaft that has a retaining ring groove for an '70s vintage Tecumseh HS40 like the one pictured here.
P1070833.JPG P1070834.JPG P1070835.JPG .
The shaft is about 4" long past the camshaft gear and 3/4 " in diameter. If you have a crankshaft that matches those dimensions but without the retaining ring groove I should be able to have a groove machined into it.
yes, all day. I have purchase some ohh cranks in the past that come with a 3 inch keyway shaft (like the early rupp cranks did). then chuck them up in my lathe and cut a grove in them for the snap ring. cranks are easy to cut them.
any reason why your going this route? is your crank bad or are you just trying to replicate the same thing?
Whatever one that will work. I don't have a particular one in mind unless I can get an original that matches the one in my pictures.
not sure if this may work or not? but I would look into a older points vertical crank. most that I have seen in the past come with a large diameter crank. what I mean by that, they are long and large in roundness(7/8). can't see why a guy couldn't machine it down to a rupp dem's and you can find them real cheap.