I got an old Morris Mini!

We got the engine in a few days ago. Its looking good. Iv been picking away at things while my parts arrive. Many were on backorder so took 3 weeks just to ship out but they are on their way now.

My mini is all ready for the road! Test drove it 3 or 4 times already. Its awesome! I had trouble with some leaks got them mostly fixed. But it runs great nice and smooth. Had trouble getting the clutch bled out. Ended up pulling off both cylenders they looked good put it back together with new fluid and it bled fine. Cant wait to get my plates and put some miles on it :)

Nice one KB2! I remember youve posted it before. Thats alot more motor than my little 850! Its slow up hills but does fine on the flat. I might do some mods later on but I didnt buy the car for speed. Thats why i have two porsches. Its about as fast as my 46 willys jeep lol Thats funny Steve. Its intresting how easy it is to make it right or left hand drive. I dont know if the rack can be flipped but everything just bolts right on the other side. Im not changing it just saying. Its not bad at all driving on the wrong side the only thing is you have to remember to get in on the right side lol no provisions for center drive though lol
Yeah I think the car feels the smallest when you look back to reverse and the window is right there lol. It actually doesnt feel that small when driving it. Must be because the interior is so roomy. I think the gokart feel all comes from the steering. Its like the steering wheel is too big for the car. It gives you a great feeling of control. And I love how light it is. Im actually thinking about putting a bigger wheel on my 911 to lighten up the steering. You really have to wrestle it around corners or it'll rip the wheel right out of your hands. Though I dont think ill be driving it too much this summer now that iv got the mini


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mine too except it has a hi-low kit that makes it adjustable weird and kind of cool
and a stage 1 performance package electronic ignition and a upgraded carb hell it might make 36 hp now :laugh:

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Nice job on the mini. Your cat bike did go to a good home. Cant wait till a nice weekend. The blue one he is planning on keeping.
Today I drove the family up to a euro car show in cazenovia ny. about a 170 mile round trip. Long ride for the little mini but It all went well and It was a great day! I met the woman who owned the car before Owen aquired it turns out she was staff working the show even though she no longer has a euro car of her own It was great meeting her and talking about the car and she was so happy to see It again up and running and still in the area.


Hey jeep, how is the Mini coming?
Oops, sorry, didn't see the end of the thread. Obviously your mini his doing very well! As you said, "no rust" is huge. I've always wanted one of these. Maybe when I get my TR6 back on the road (my next project) I'll sell it to make room for a Mini. It sure looks like fun. The TR has a stuck clutch and rear brakes. Also a vibration such as a U-joint failing.
Cool nothing wrong with a triumph they are great cars aswell. The minis are more practical with 4 seats though. I wouldnt have much use for a convertable either its always raining here lol but I heard they are better in most ways than an MG. Cant beat the smile factor of a mini thats for sure.