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  • Steve: Are you still out there? Its Mike DuMond. Hope you are and all is well. Let me know. Mike
    Sadly he passed a couple years or so ago. Covid complications.
    mike D
    Thanks for the word, he was a good guy and a very good friend. We were both operating engineers and he was one of the guys in the crew that taught me the very first stuff about the trade. He was one of the best guys that I ever worked with, the kind of guy you could count on. thanks Mike
    Hey Uncle Steve.

    Man things have been hectic since our move. We finally found a house and move in first of February. Just wanted to say sorry I missed your birthday.
    Will catch up soon things will quiet down over December.
    Be safe

    Steve could you contact me about a Rupp mini 3wheeler your son was pictured on, I have one and am trying to find out the authenticity of it,I was told Rupp didn't make any,please contact me with any info thanks Darren 218_779_7031
    Steve, could you possibly contact me about a Rupp mini 3 wheeler that your son was pictured on ,I have one and am trying find out more about them thank you for any help you could give Darren 218-779-7031
    Could someone please help me with info on a mini rupp three wheeler would very much appreciate it, thanks Darren 218-779-7031
    Hello Steve I'm new here and had a question for you . My dad has a ten acre ranch and he had lots of junk well I've been looking to buy a mini bike for my two boys and noticed two mini bikes thrown in the junk one is a RUPP ROADSTER not sure the year but it's at least a '69 or '70 . I also found another mini bike and the only identification I found was model 80759 on the handle bars . As I was researching I found you had posted a mini bike just like the one I found , you posted you found it on Craigslist for $100 and drove 130 miles to get it . So did you ever restore it and if so where did you find parts for it and what brand is it . Please feel free to text me at 210-748-7463 or email me @
    Steve , would appreciate if you could contact me about the rupp mini 3 wheeler that you had said your son might have been pictured on trying to find out if it's a true rupp , I've been told rupp never built any of those . Thanks for any info you could provide Darren 218-779-7031
    Hi Steve , I seen the pictures of your son on the the mini three wheeler/ rupp rat just curious what you know about those , I have the mate to that one but I've been told that rupp didn't make a little one like that, that anyone knows of ,any info would be much appreciated thank you Darren please contact me at 218-779-7031 or thanks
    Hello Mr. Durham,
    I am a new member here at OldMiniBikes and unfortunately for me I am here for, perhaps, only one reason. I have a Montgomery Ward ZCQ-57091A, which may be believed to be a T555, which I was hoping to get more information about. I was respectfully wondering if you could give me specs and, if I'm lucky, some tips and tricks for a smoother, more powerful, and enjoyable ride. Any ideas would be welcome.
    Thankfully Yours,
    Jake Williams
    Do you happen to know the total number of Tule Troopers manufactured and the years they were manufactured? I purchased one last fall and now have it ready to ride. I'd like to know a few details about the Tule Trooper so when I'm asked I can be some what informed. I've searched the web and found a lot of information but not the answer to the two above questions. Thanks, Big Huis
    Hi Steve, You gave me some VERY helpful info before on my 75 Rupp Centaur and I was wondering if I can bounce another question off you. I have the stock front end and wheel but no brakes. Do you know where I could get brakes or were they proprietary? Thanks bud!
    Steve, a gent up in Washington State is looking for a little help on his centaur. I'm passing his number along in a PM

    A Question about Torque Converter belts. I have a 1970 Rupp Enduro which I purchased without a belt. Ordered the belt from black widow, and I was wondering the easiest way to put the belt on. Do I need to totally dissamble the front portion of the shaft to put it on from back to front??
    Hello, I came across this site while looking for a owner's manual for my circa 1970 Tecumseh engine (H70-130025).

    You mentioned in the "Bonanza Shop Manual" thread that you have Tecumseh form # 181-71 which might match up with this engine.

    Would you be able to email me a copy or at least tell me if it states the recommended spark plug and oil?

    Thank you VERY much for the info Steve! Much appreciated. I assume the VW method would replace the stock reverse gearbox and torque converter? Do you think it is possible to do the same with a bike engine or not really? thanks again.
    Hi Steve,
    I picked up a 75 Centaur with a bad motor. I was thinking of putting a 4-stroke motorcycle engine in it instead of another snowmobile engine. Do you have any advice or thoughts regarding what would work best etc.?
    Dave O.
    Well I am sorry but I do not remember much about the Indian serial numbers they did have a simple card that they used for requesting the bikes for warranty.
    Hey Steven, I was surfing google and came across the JC-5A thread back in 2008, I have a 72 SE-74 70cc and I was wondering do you know anything about the serial #'s to cross reference on thae year and mouth. I've done some research on my bike and others and the month and the year look strait forward in the serial #.
    Hello jdog4639 : Well I am always available to talk about trikes and will do my best to answer your questions.
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