I had a idea……

And when I say that my friends and coworkers usually say, Oh $hi+!
Yesterday I found a old tiller on FB Marketplace for cheap and decided to buy it for the Briggs engine to use on a future project. When I went to pick it up it didn’t appear to have been used much by the looks of the tines and other parts on it but it definitely had a good patina. I’m thinking 70’s vintage technology. Nice cast iron gear case. On the way home I got to thinking about the gearbox that the tines are attached to and I’m wondering if anyone has decide to try and make a trike deferential out of that gearbox? It’s a worm gear type setup and it looks like something that would look appropriate. It’s not too clunky looking. I figured with a couple of sprockets, a clutch and chain it would look really neat and the engine could be turned where the engine could sit in line instead of crossways like a mini bike or kart.
Anyone have any words of wisdom on this idea? Is this a common practice?
I didn’t think about a shear pin being in there. I’ll have to do more research on that. I did manage to get the recoil starter rewound and the starter clutch on the motor cleaned up and functional again. Even managed to get the motor running good. I found the numbers on the Briggs blower cover and determined the engine was made in 1975 and is 8 hp. I got to scratching around and found a old bicycle frame that I can use as the front end to whatever I decide to make. A mini bike isn’t out of the question as well.
I haven’t had an opportunity to dig into this idea any further lately due to a bad back flare up that’s had me down since Monday. A old back injury and being mashed between two automobiles a few years ago gets me down like this ever now and then and as I age now and then seems to most of the time.