I have no idea on this one?

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cal jet electra mite

My attachments got lost in a previous post showing these, thought i'd get them up since there was talk about Electric mini bikes from a new member, These did go into production, you see them from time to time (never have I seen one all hooked up and going though, just empty rollers)


desert rat

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I like that one . I had no idea that electric mini bikes went that far back. Heck ya that one is well worth putting back together.
Threw some wheels on it. Cool bike but I suck at electrical work and can’t hack it up.
Good luck with it, I just found another one that is mostly stripped but the motor was still in place incase you want to see how it was mounted initially. I'm planning to swap the guts from a razor dirt bike as a temporary solution until I can redo the electronics from scratch.