Is 3.5 HP Enough?

Ok, so I am looking to put a brand new motor in my Azusa. Would a 3.5 HP Briggs be enough to drag a 200lb knucklehead around? I'm having a hard time finding any motors that would fit just right in my Azusa frame. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. :biggrin:
Sure it is. I put a 3.5HP in my cat with header and filter. It is geared like CRAP 10/40. and it pulls my 245Lbs around to a top speed of 30MPH+

It's is pretty slow off the bottom I wont lie , but matched my brothers HS50 at top end.

If I was to put a 72T rear I would have the perfect bottom end to pull me around with a fair top end.


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If money was no object, I would put the largest motor that would fit in there. I think you would like the extra horses, I know I do, it makes the bike easier to ride. I have a 5 horse flatty and a 6.5 clone. The clone is much smoother. I weigh 210 and ride mostly in the dirt with small hills. Pavement isn't that much difference with the two. The flatty isn't a smooth takeoff, it is either on or off the throttle. Part throttle or throttle control while maneuvering is much easier with the clone. Both engines are stock.