It's a Rupp but what model?

The frame and goose neck area look like a Rupp Benchi....but it's not.
The frame looks wrong for a Continental.
Original tank shown in pictures.... Right hand chain drive.
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69 digger or Sprint. Engine size would tell you which one. 3.5hp would have been a Sprint. 5hp would have been a digger.

The forks aren't original and someone added the jackshaft. You can see the cut out over the rear fender where the chain passed through when it was a direct drive
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Thought I'd drop some more pictures here. I found that the brake stop on the swing arm is on the right side ONLY which means it could never work as left hand drive like a Sprint / Digger is supposed to be.
There never was a brake stop on the left. I have something odd here.....
The jack shaft looks factory. Maybe a combination of a digger and a 69 Scrambler?, or possibly ordered with the scrambler drive setup?


A pic from here on OldMiniBikes with RHD jack shaft
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it has an Azusa brake/sprocket modified onto the original wheel, The brake stop tht is there is incorrect and added for that modification. the original setup had a sprocket mounted tot he outer wheel lip and a separate drum mounted on the inside. Look for signs of original paint, Green is sprint, blue is digger.