Jacobson 2 stroke.

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Thanks Sprocket86 I'm hoping to work this into a kart project I have. Just need to finish a Boonie & a Coot first.
It runs very well and if I wanted my grass at putting green height I'd use it lol
Hey your welcome :)

Yeah I want to try the edger before I end up using it on a mini bike project. If I do end up using this, I'd be using a clutch mounted jackshaft to maximize this engines output potential.


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So I have a handle on a couple of Jacobsen engines, not sure if they are the same ones you guys are taking about but here is a pic.
I'm thinking they may be a good candidate to re-power me Maverick mini which currently has a seized lower end.

There is not a lot of room in the "engine compartment" so I was wondering if someone can give me some rough specs width x length x height. And your opinion if you think this might be a good engine swap (at least for the meantime)
I don't exactly know which Jacobson model I have I suspect it's the j-225 it has a gearbox on the end and I found separate your boxes but I haven't found the engine gearbox combination I would like to know if anyone has any information on this. Thank you in advance.