Just got a cat slingshot frame, what size is rear wheel and axel?

I got it for free, I am going fo cut that stupid neck off and weld the tube back on the frame and press new bearings into it. I just need to know what size axel and wheel I need.
@Bchag Thank you for planning to rescue it !

The rear wheel size would match the front Cat wheel that you currently have.

Same thing for the axle, measure the front axle.


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I don't think this is a Slingshot frame. There appears to be a tab on the top of the frame for mounting a fuel tank which the Slingshot didn't use. There is also a mounting tab for a long chain guard towards the back of the frame.

I'm going to say maybe this might have been a Hustler frame that was shortened? Could be wrong but that's my best guess as to what this originally was.