Kick starters... not just for Tecumseh anymore!

I was looking at my Lauson the other day and thought, why couldn't a kick start be mounted on it?
Necessity is the Mutha of invention they say... so I did it!
Was truly easy-peasy.
I mounted the starter pawl cup onto my Lauson's flywheel, then placed my kick-starter against the pawl cup, found there was a little bit of play, so to make sure I had a more accurate placement of the kick start mount, I placed a plastic cap over the pawl assy. of starter which took up excess play, and then marked shroud (flywheel cowl) with an extra fine sharpie.
I drilled and tapped holes using a fine (1/4 x 28 tap) and mounted 4 1/4 x 28 short bolts (grinded heads down a bit) to clear flywheel fins (12) of them.
I still needed clearance due to Lauson fins being incredibly close to cowl assy. so I ground about 1/16" off all 12 fins. DONE!
works great! I even used the Tecumseh flywheel nut, as it was same thread as Lawson and was lower height than the original Lauson nut.
See pics.
DSC01333.JPG DSC01334.JPG DSC01335.JPG DSC01336.JPG DSC01337.JPG
Many, many years ago (early 1970's) I once had a Lauson engine like yours. I was probably about 10 or 11 and it was my first engine. I displayed it as my 4H project (Small engine and Tractor group) at Devonshire Downs fair grounds in Chatsworth, California. I remember getting a trophy and a first place ribbon. Unfortunately over time I lost interest in it and left it at a friends house where it was neglected. Eventually I bought it home and I left it outside (oops) for it to further deteriorate to the point it was just scrap metal. I still remember the day I took it to a scrap yard and tossed it into a bin. Like many things I wish I had kept it because it was so cool. Thanks for the memories.
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