Leaking oil

My 5hp flathead has been leaking oil for quite some time. I checked the crankcase gasket and that seems fine, and the flywheel and that area is fine, what are some areas that the engine leaks? Thanks for the help.

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Does it leak with the engine/bike sitting level? If not, it might be the oil filler cap (if at the bottom of the crankcase cover). I had a similar problem with a Tecumseh and traced it to the filler. I went by the hardware store and picked up a fiber gasket and that seemed to fix it. Another common problem is the oil drain--snug it a bit tighter than you think you need to--had that issue on another engine.
The crankcase breather located below the intake/ exhaust ports has been the most prominent area to leak for used engines I've acquired. The crankcase gasket would follow next.

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If this has a governor on it check the lever under the exhaust towards the bottom they are also know to leak there on a worn engine.