Lil Indian chopper....part 2

Ok..been a long time since I bought a bike.....very very long time. Since I had the yellow version of the Lil Indian Outlaw 2 chopper and it has never seen outside of my basement since I assemble it ....I had to get the purple version for a cruiser. Gonna take it apart and put an old flatty on it and some other changes. Not really fond of the OHV motor look on it. she is...
Ok...ground off the floor boards and put real pegs on and removed all the extra crap. Also put a 1970 H50 lighted motor I had sitting in the pile with others and added a Comet TAV . Already ordered a NOS remote tank for it.....So just need to fix some other stuff and ride this week. I will be adding lights eventually...just not at the moment.