Lil Indian steel wheel

Sorry for not giving more info.
What I need is a 4” original LiL Indian steel wheel that they used on the 60’s small frame bikes.If someone only has one Wheel I would like to have it so I would have a complete set.
Thank You
Does your bike have a spring on the forks?, if so, it's a Century series bike, not a small frame bike. Small frame bikes are 300 series bikes and came with a Clinton 2-3/4 HP engine or the optional Power Products AH-61. Small frame bikes also had drum brakes, most of the 400 series and up bikes are disc brake models but not all. Small frame bikes have the foot rest bar on the inside of the frame and the 400 and up series had it outside. Most small frame bikes came with Hands wheels, they are much harder to find than the Century series bikes, even then there are differences in the steel wheels from year to year. Knowing what you have will greatly help someone looking to help you. If you're not doing an accurate restoration then I would recommend just getting some 4" steel wheels with hub from OldMiniBikes Warehouse or from Old School Mini Bikes. Attached is a Lil Indian ad with the Model 300 along with a picture of one that apparently had the foot rest bar replaced and put on the outside of the frame.