Lithium Batteries, And Battery Placement

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Got my new Coleman BT200X up and running (thanx everyone for the help) and purchased new Road Shock 8 inch and 6 inch LED lights which I mounted to the BT200X headlight mount. I purchased the wiring harness as well. It's all simple to assemble except for the matter of battery placement. Most that I've seen from photos are mounted under the seat due to space requirements as well as battery size and weight considerations, and they obviously must be placed a safe distance from the engine. I thought I would mount a lithium battery or batteries on the front forks. They only weigh 2.5 pounds or less each and wouldn't require any welding of the battery boxes or holders in my opinion, due to their light weight. They could be secured in a bar bag as well, or in boxes attached via plastic fasteners similar to the way wiring is secured to the frame. But I haven't seen anyone recommend the use of lithium batteries, or placement of a battery or batteries in this particular area. I don't know how to weld or know anyone who does, but I thought lithium's lighter weight would give me a greater flexibility for placement on the bike vs acid batteries. Is there any reason why I shouldn't use lithium or any reason why a battery or batteries couldn't or shouldn't be mounted on or around the forks/front suspension? .... Thanx again ....