Long rod stock bore?

Before you order a rod with a different than stock length you need to check your current in the hole measurement and also the compression height of the current piston and center to center length of the current stock rod. . There are different compression height pistons out there. Your aim should be as close to zero deck height as possible. You have not provided us with any data other than its a stock engine that would be of any use and there are many stock engines out there that have different pistons and compression heights, that would affect rod selection.
Thank you for the knowledge I am still new to the game. I will do more research. It's a non hemi 212 with Gov. delete. That's all I have for now as far as info
so it is a non hemi predator? If so it has a dished piston. The hemi piston is a flat top and pretty inexpensive but has a shorter compression height requiring at least a .020 longer rod.
Yes non hemi. I figured I needed a shorter piston for valve clearance. I guess my real question is do I need to put the machine shop on speed dial?