looking for a pnw go kart builder

@kidgambit - You might be better off finding a kart chassis that is close in terms of wheelbase and width, and then have someone modify it to fit. Having a shop fab the axle, spindles, various mounts, etc., could get quite expensive. Adding some supporting structure to an existing frame would be much less involved.

My little box/utility trailer needed rust repair on the frame before I could powder coat it black and replace the plywood sides and floor.

Custom Equipment, Inc., in Cornelius, does repair work on big trucks and big trailers -such as logging equipment - but they were game to take on a small welding/fab job that's made of square tubing, angle iron, and some plate. Their work turned out great and it didn't break the bank. Call 503-648-4642. This shop is right across the street from the Cornelius 10 Cinemas, 85 N 26th Ave, Cornelius, Ore. 97113.