Manco Rattler LXT

Hey guys, I picked one of these up last weekend and have started tearing it down. I have taken the Comet Torque converter apart...... so the driver can off easy. The driven...... not so much. Seeing that this has a TAV and the jack shaft. Will a new TAV (whole kit,with backing plate) be ok for this or do I need to buy different parts? As in a new driver, driven and belt? I’m hung up on this for now and I’m not familiar with how the TAV and jackshaft combo fits up. Thanks
More my other issue is the chi-kuni I have. This motor came off my other Murray Track 2 mini bike. Motorcycle style throttle cable....... with this going on the kart I don’t have the ball on the end for the slide to grab...... ANYBODY HAVE IDEAS????????? I’m thinking of casting a lead ball then grind it down to fit but that’s guna take some time and aggressive behavior with a torch and lead. I’ve seen others somehow rig up the mini bike cable that connects to the go kart throttle but most are kinda “jack legged” and don’t work good.

So lemme get some input........ A3CA9CE1-AF20-4D8E-A049-7962FEB2EA7C.jpeg 690F8500-05F7-4D2E-99BE-572A0DB7F53E.jpeg B8CB8A69-776A-4327-B351-3617FA1AF341.jpeg
So after research I think I figured out a solution, seeing as motorcycle throttle cables have about an 1/8” thick by maybe 3/16-1/4 long cast metal piece on the end of the cable that grabs the slide to go up and down. I think what I did here will work. I tried casting a lead ball on the end with utter complete failure, I turned to my Tig welder, I used very low amps 80-100ish and was able to “ZAP” it quickly to weld the cables together let it cool then came back with MiG wire to form the ball. I’m going to sand file clean polish whatever it takes to clean it up carefully to make it work!!!!!
Got it hooked up and it worked right!!!!!! This thing HALLS!!!!!!!!! I was able to do donuts in my drive way with it. Felt like a kid again for sure. Within time I’m going to change the red driven spring to a yellow stiffer spring. 0AA689DC-BD80-44B4-AFC4-53DE8752B648.jpeg
Good eye !! Not yet, I did think about this today when riding it, about getting my head split open from a china flywheel. I’m going to put a spring or something the hold the arm from being free soon, today was a test to make sure everything is working good, I do plan on modding this hemi like I did my Murray Track 2 mini bike. All the bells and whistles.