Mega Moto suspension forks now available for $80

they are sold out already. man someone is missin the boat on a suspension front fork for these mini bikes. not sure how long it would take to flood the market or if the buyin frenzy is triggered because everyone knows these things don't last long, but there is a market for it for sure.
Has anyone had luck fitting these on an Azusa frame? Would that be possible?
I don't have an Azusa but these forks should fit with a bit of work. The lower triple clamp can be positioned where needed to accommodate the steering head length. The steering head bolt holes in the triple clamps can be reamed/enlarged to accommodate a larger diameter bolt (MM used a 10mm bolt). Use a washer between bearings and triple clamps that is small enough in OD to contact only the inner race of the bearing (if Azusa has bearings). If you have a 5/8" axle, which I think Azusa uses, you could switch to a 1/2" axle and bearings and ream the fork's axle holes to 1/2" like @chipper did on his Gilson (page 1 of this thread), or ream the axle holes to 5/8" (removing more material and thus somewhat weakening the fork, you would likely still need a new longer axle), or you could sleeve the 12mm axle that comes with the forks by using 5/8" OD tubing with appropriate ID (sleeve would be proper length to fit between fork lowers, only the 12mm axle would pass through lowers so no reaming needed). You would need to make wheel spacers, which is pretty simple.
The Measurement says it’s 19inches from middle of the axle to the top of the plate, my Murray track 2 forks are right at 21 3/4. Is there anything I can do to compensate the difference would really like to use three forks.