Mikuni 12 position adapter.

Yep, on the Z50 and clone stuff. Watch the countersinks, as some have been too shallow and the attaching screws stuck up above the flange when tight. Also, be sure the screws you thread in to it don't go in too far and jack the engine side away from sealing.


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Thanks for the reply FirePower. I have a modded QA50 with a 125cc Lifan and came across these. I'm thinking it will tuck my carb in under the tank a bit more. Are there any issues with the extra screws/plates rattling loose over time? I think I'll give this a whirl. Thanks again.
I never had an issue with loosening. I'd give it a quick pass over a sheet of sandpaper on the counter top, and a smear of Threebond 1184, and get the screws plenty tight. You may still need/want to slot or enlarge the manifold holes to fine tune the position. I haven't done a QA, but on the Zed, it's nice to run the cable in the narrow gap between frame and tank.