Mini bike based snowmobile


Does anyone have any idea who might have tried to produce this? It has mini bike wheels, tube frame, 80cc Fuji motor, plastic skis, sectional track. Late 60s to early 70s vintage is my guess. Not home-made. Looks to be a working prototype. Came from west coast swap meet so possibly a west coast mini bike manufacturer attempt to enter the snowmobile market.
? i am clueless but its one of the collest things i have seen. i just dont think it was practical, the 80cc fuji was not super powerfull and i dont see the kicker on it? any numbers or stanping in the frame?
It has no numbers or any identifying marks. Kicker is on there sticking out, just hard to see in these photos. Tires are large like a Boonie Bike but that is the only similarity. Extra tracks, skis and glass so must have been a prototype for intended production. Some engineering went into it especially the steering. Not a hack job but a serious attempt. Engine and wheels make me suspect mini bike manufacturer but no clues yet.