1. MiniBixe


    Hello, Anybody ever made a mini snowmobile or minibike track conversion? I would like to design one this year, making a track out of a used tire... Any responses welcome!
  2. xBrent92

    What brand of snowmobile torque converter?

    So the 3/4" bore can always be adapted to 1" clutch bore with an adapter, possibly more. Has anyone tried it? I am wanting to know what brand and name clutch can be used. Mainly 3/4" or 1" snowmobile Torque converters. I am asking because the power and rpm i need will exceed a gokart torque...
  3. countstevula

    Snowmobile Show and Swap

    A power sports salvage yard had a snowmobile show and swap with some interesting turn outs. Enjoy the pictures
  4. V

    What is this 1969 "Simko" snowmobile minibike thing?

    It's not really a minibike...but it has a 5hp Briggs on it so maybe it's close enought to be ok? Haha. That and I figure this place is my best shot at ID'ing it. So, they say it's called a Simko. I've never seen anything like it before. But it's way cool. Someone said it could be a...
  5. oldsledz

    Homebuilt mini Snowmobile

    Home made mini snowmobile, I have road it but it still needs a little more work to make it good, it also has lost spark from sitting. It has a 2 cycle snowblower engine. It has foot pegs on the skis so a small adult can ride it. 175.00 pick up in Midland Michigan.
  6. chatten63

    1970 mark 2 snowflake snowmobile. need help

    I picked this sled up a few years ago with intention of robbing the west bend 820 off it for a minibike. I have be considering restoring it for the last year now. Would anyone on here have any ideas as were I can start to locate parts for one of these old sleds. I will be needing a windshield...
  7. kheper

    318cc Rotax Snowmobile Engine

    Here's an interesting engine. I can't tell from the image how wide it is, but a minibike frame may be able to accommodate it. 318cc Rotax Ski Doo Snowmobile Engine Clutch Carb Recoil Has Spark 130 Comp | eBay
  8. oldsledz

    Large Vintage Snowmobile show Midland MI

    If you are in the Mid Michigan area this weekend there is a large vintage snowmobile show in Midland MI. Friday and Saturday Aug 7 & 8
  9. O

    scooter snowmobile

    If he lived closer I would buy it for my nephew. Its in rochester NY on craigslist. 250 b/o X cooter snow winter machine moped scooter
  10. james c

    mcculloch bp399t engine

    found this extremely rare mcculloch 399 cc twin cylinder balanced piston engine. 17000 rpm and 30 stock hp. there are now five known to exist. this one was out of box but nos. it was used as a door stop. id like to put it in a kart but has a snowmobile crank, maybe a snowmobile clutch and...
  11. jbrewton


    Anyone here consider themselves a snowmobile expert??? I need some advice on everything from an old machine to a recommendation on a newer (cheap) machine. Would like to arrange a call to bounce a few things around, easier than emails?
  12. Downs brother clutch

    Downs brother clutch

    DBR1 on the husky
  13. husky pipe

    husky pipe

    husky pipe
  14. husky pipe

    husky pipe

  15. husky


    engine mount parts
  16. husky


    engine mount parts
  17. huskys


    husky flywheel front view
  18. huskys


    husky flywheel side view
  19. huskys


    husky pipe plan B
  20. huskys


    husky plan A