Mini bike battery monitor.

After working all day building my wife and elevated gargen box, I decided to play with my Hawg Ty mini.
Last summer I updated the battery charger and inverter system ( see my post ) and I wanted to do two things. I wanted to check each battery and have a read out I can see while riding. I wanted to mount the meter inside of the phony gas cap, turns out that ain't happening due to the way it is mounted to the phony gas tank.
So I punched a 3/4" hole just behind the gas cap and it looks OK to me. The device also charges through a USB for 3 Amps.
Under the gas tank I mounted a batter monitor. This tells me with a push of a button that the batteries are up to charge.
Right now the batteries are .2 VDC low. So one amber light is on. I have not ridden the bike since this virus hit my state.
Engine at idle:
gage at idle cover open.jpg

Engine with clutch just engaged:
gage at speed.jpg
Battery monitor:
batter mon.jpg