Mini Bike Guide - september 1970

Looking for someone who has the september 1970 issue of mini bike guide..... Hoping that someone has it and can scan the part about the arctic cat ssscat for me. Apparently these guides are pretty collectable, so I'm sure someone on here has one....

bayareaburrito, thanks for taking the time to do that.
Very interesting article... I recently bought 2 ssscat II minis, and will be
woking on restoring the one.

thanks again
This is such an awesome design for a mini bike. I hope you start a build thread soon where we can see the progress from time to time. Note the brake(s) tested "fair"... Haha. As if any other mini bike could do much better.
Casey, I'd start a build thread but I don't have a camera right now.... Hope to be getting one in the near future. Maybe I'll see if I can borrow my sisters....

As of right now I have 1 complete and running bike. The other is all there, but I need to replace the piston rings.....
Both need some cleanup.....