Mini Bikes back at Tractor Supply

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts


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Glad to see the Coleman bike in the Tractor Supply flyer in todays newspaper, $799
Also had a 2 seat go kart for like $1399

Good part about this is lots of folks will buy these, never follow the maintanece directions and blow them up. Then they find their way eventually to the secondary market for $150 or so.
Used to be a steady supply of Baja's for cheap and I loved everyone of them but they dried up so we need more supply :)


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Where are these 150 dollar coleman bikes???

500 dollars. Missing half the parts and doesn't run. I know what I have.

I love my coleman stuff but 799 is getting steep. I paid 399 for my ct200u and 599 for the bt200x. I though 649 was steep!


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Ran when parked, haven't tried to start it after 5 years (Can of starting fluid in picture, along with big oil spill spot)
Pretty sure it wouldn't take much to get it going.
"Will Run"
"Only needs a $5 part, I'd fix it myself but don't have the time, have too many projects, need to sell because I'm out of work"



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I do miss the days of being able to pick up non-running DB30s for $100 and random old frames for $50.
Those days are long gone! I seen a cool fox pop up on Craigslist. Looked 95% original. 2 grand! I am strongly considering selling off my collection. I'm just not sure people are actually paying.


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I'm not guaranteeing that they will come back that cheap, but blown up and stupid some times makes for a good deal.
At least there are more coming into the pipeline.
Or wrecked with good driveline is always welcome too.
Parts is Parts!