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Picked up this gem cheap thought it was interesting. Kid said it was a predator but it ain't seems it is a mitsubshi (sp) ? 6 hp bit of an odd duck , Anyone have any insite on these things ? they any good, Are parts available ? Is it even worth messin with ? Any insight would greatly appreciated, Thanks much. mitsi.jpg mitsi 2.jpg
A couple of years ago I bought a Tomberlin brand go kart used. VERY used.
It came with a Mitsubishi 6 hp engine on that was original to the kart. Even though it ran the whole kart was really ruff and I knew I would be changing and replacing most everything. I spoke with the folks at Go Power Sports as
well as OldMiniBikes Warehouse. They both told me that they had no knowledge of a small engine by Mitsubishi and nothing in the way of parts. I put a built predator 212 on the kart and threw the Mitsubishi in the trash.
Do you know what make the bike is. I don't know if Tomberlin made bikes or not. I have since heard of a couple of other karts made by them and both were different models than mine.