More of a 3 wheeler than trike

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Picked this up from 1st owner.. was all dirty and full of belonged to the owner of the shop where I've worked since 89.
In 89 he shattered his right leg on it so it sat...and sat...and...sat. it was ridden 1 'loop' in Northern Michigan in 91 then parked pretty much cleaned up nice.


Nice i love my trikes. The klt250 iv had for about 15 years got it from a friend for 50$ with a bad starter. its from long island where it never got ridden. Its got a bit more wear on it now since i use it all the time but still only a few thousand miles on it. The 110 i got from a friend aswell in trade for work done on his wheelers. It was seized up turned out to be just gunk from super old fuel in the cyl carb and tank. Got it all cleaned up and its a great all original trike. Its like riding on a little bouncy ball compared to the big klt