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  • Randy i think what you need to do is start over with the basics remove the fuel pump because your getting to much fuel we can try and set up a day and work on it before the next race if you think you need the carb and what ever else get it but should really start off with basics. Just my opinion unless you talk to who built the motor
    Awesome. I dont know of you've seen my tires. I wanna take it out to the mudhole just concerned she wont oull threw..
    As far as mud is concerned. This year at the Windber Minibike reunion most of the minibikes couldn't even move in the mud. Hent and I were tearing the place up with the trikes. With the stock balloon tires it goes through the mud easily. Occasionally the belt would get wet but would dry right off with the friction.and when I say muddy. Picture Woodstock in the mud including people sliding down hill for fun. Just about every vehicle needed to be pulled by the tractor to its spot.
    If it doesn't have a vin number stamped on it somewhere or if it was never really a street legal one then it will be almost impossible. Laws vary by state but some of the things in Mass are. Lights,horn,DOT approved tires,possible some sort of emergency or parking brake.
    Again, I think you should ride it as is for a while and decide if you like it. Depends on the riding you do. Yeah it would be fun to cruise to the store every once in a while but I couldn't imagine doing any distance. And if it broke down,not a lot of fun. Also not sure how traffic is around you but my buddy had a Delorean and got rid of it because like the trike it was so low to the ground nobody saw him in traffic. It's probably more of a hassle getting it road legal than it's worth and unless you already have a title the paperwork could be a nightmare.
    My thing is street legal. Didnt they come with a 12hp tuesc motor? They had to go maybe 55? No?

    And gow about light. Any suggestions on running em. I dont know what direction I wanna go..keep as toy or go all out....suggestions?

    I really appreciate it.
    Well if a 212cc and a 8hp and a 13hp are all governed they turn at the same rpm.... So no matter what you put on it if the rpm is the same it will go the same speed. You would need to build an engine and put billet parts in it to safely remove the governor to get the engine to turn faster. It can get costly. Once you go over 8hp you need to go with a 40 series converter. And those differentials are only rated up to 10hp... I can tell you from experience there isnt much difference between a 6.5hp predator and an 8hp motor off a snowblower or whatever. The nice thing about the 6.6hp is the price. You should drive it for a while and remenber. It is not an ATC with gears. It is basically a gokart/minibike. If you want to go faster you can try changing your gears but you will lose some take off torque... At least if you decide to build up a Predator.You can always swap it to a minibike and you can get a lot more HP out of it...You may not be able to fit a 13hp big block in a small frame.
    There is known I took it off. Its just a drum and there was a circlular wrap around oad. That the left brake handle engaged..

    so I think I want more power... suggestions? The 212cc maybe goes 40? What do you think?

    Worth the upgrade to a 8hp or a 13hp?
    So I dont understand if the brake handles are for the left and right brake how would you normally engagethe front break
    Just post to youtube. I have lots of trike videos. Just search rbtrike. They are a blast.
    The torque convertor. Got the motor mounted up. Both drive and driven inline. Belt was 8 3/4"runs good. Wish you had an instagram or facebook you could see the video. Now I wanna reconstuct the fiber glass and work on wiring lights. Maybe put a 10hp motor on. The end goal. Street legal.
    Did you hook up the jackshaft and torque converter or are you still running the clutch
    So I bought half a link. And it runs great. Front tires bead needs to be address. Its low so its slowing the trike down.
    Really.. didnt know that. I have a foot peg. And a single brake pad on the drum. I knew there had to be a reason for 2 brake drums. I gotta get it hooked up then. And the slot is there. Just everything is in reverese. Motor mounted with jackshaft on opposite side of orginal. Someone before me must of had the rearend out and flipped it on accident.
    A front brake on a trike is pretty useless. They don't stop well and are dangerous in turns. They cause the trike to just go straight when applied. Just hook up each of the rears. Left and right.
    You can get all the parts still. The slot for the tensioner should be on the right side as you are looking down. Send me some pics of how you have it set up with the jackshaft and everything hooked up. There should be a left and right brake handle for each of the rear drums. When you pull the left brake handle and turn left while giving it gas the left tire should lock up and the power goes to the right wheel so you can turn on a dime. Thats why they use a differential. Same with turning to the right.
    My question is. Get chaim thats loose. Or redo rear end and flip it back or just see if mine streches..

    your saying I can get all the rear end parts for this thing nowadays?
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