Thanks they where fun to make . I bought unwelded cones . I had make the inner sections also . I added a 5/8” band at end with a flat cap instead of reverse cone top . These cones are 1 1/2” at the small end . I needed to make some , transitions 1 1/2” x 1 1/4” I also thave a album of photos with changes and modifications I did to the frame .


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The work on these looks great. My main comment though is, "Design and add a heat shield, you will sear the skin right off of your left leg!". But they do look cool.
Heat shields are next step . They will be a sandwich type shield . It will have heat wrap tucked in between two pieces of jet coated stainless. You will see a ovaI shaped shield . Held in place with threaded bungs . I did cones from Rich at Cone Engineering . And u-bends from DM they do 1”. 1 1/4” and bigger 90 45 180 tubes . Rich didn’t go that small tube size .
I don't know if it's where @Fourtogo got them, but check out Cone Engineering.
exactly Rich great guy


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Great work. Exhaust that's exposed determines the whole look of a project. I've used a couple of local places for smaller bends. Advanced Tube Engineering in Huntington Beach and Railmakers in Costa Mesa. They are good for tight bends but not for cones.