Murray Track 2 Project

Picked this up the other day and have begun work on it. Really didn't need much but an engine tuning, but I want to customize it.

I removed the original Tecumseh 3.5, removed the decals, and cleaned everything up. Put the wheels, seat, etc. back on for storage purposes and to help in the visual process of deciding what colors I want to paint it. I am going to hang on to the old motor, but plan to put a 212 in it and eventually modify for speed.

I really like the frames on these bikes and the overall aesthetics, even if it doesn't quite fit the vintage look of a mini bike. I bought a Baja Doodle Bug (posted a thread in the Baja Forum) that fits that bill.

Murray Track 2 1.jpg Murray Track 2 2.jpg Murray Track 2 2.jpg
Murray Track 2 3.jpg
Making slow progress on the Murray. Next time I do something like this, I'm gonna get it professionally stripped. I would say I've spent at least ten hours getting the parts where I want them. I really just should've scuffed the original paint and covered it. The problem is that the paint I am using would not have covered the red unless I primed it first. Just my opinion, but I could be wrong. Anyway, burning ten plus hours on this beats the pants off sitting on one's undyskids all evening watching some BS TV show (couldn't do that anyway, 'cause I don't have TV in my house - won't allow it).

Just put the first coat on the forks. Looks darn good, I think. The frame is next. I have spent another hour or so on the frame from the time I took the photo you see here, so all the paint is gone.

I bought the engine last weekend. Will need a little grease and a decent shoehorn to get to fit. If not, it will definitely fit with a Stage 1 kit.

Murray Trach 2 Forks 1.jpg Murray Track 2 Forks 2.jpg Murray Track 2 Frame.jpg Murray Track 2 Hemi.jpg
Here are some more parts ordered:

1. Custom Seat.
2. White Coke Bottle Grips. Will post photo later.
3. White Wall Tires - Shinko SR550.
4. Strut for rear brake stability and added performance. I discovered this idea from another member here on OMB. I will go back and find who it was so as to give him credit.
5. Painted my handlebars red.


Just painted the frame, although I still need to do the underside, add a coat or two (frame and forks), then clear coat. Thought I'd post a photo of it with the front wheel (also recently painted). Placed the wheel in the rear for visual contrast.

The paint is really outstanding, although it's not visible in the photos, unfortunately. Has some really great metal flaking in it.

I painted the handlebars red to match the wheels, but am thinking I may go back a step - strip and go back to chrome - and then paint to match the frame. I am thinking the engine will be mostly white, with red pull-start cover. Handlebar mounts will be red. Murray Track 2 Frame Wheel Paint.jpg