My drag cruiser

Here’s a bike I built a few years ago . Frame is 1” .083 mild steel . Has bonanza MX wheels . Also running a Honda electric start stock bore .060 thou stroker crank . Engine was built by NR racing and is his unlimited mod extreme . Has a salsbury 330 TAV to a jack shaft . Aluminum belt guard was made by me and polished along with tank a top plate. Seat is by Karen . 1ABEA745-5B63-43C1-9B2A-4B4B66E43FCE.jpeg 39ADC853-BAFA-4E79-8B89-3C75819C8DDF.jpeg 16436556-AFA5-4B3E-BA2D-1C7D5D3CE88C.jpeg 2267BF20-8122-4C60-AFE3-422871741C1E.jpeg 0B6F6ABD-1DFC-4130-8B86-37D5824111C4.jpeg 09DEB90E-0843-48C0-9399-2C7EB8C6082F.jpeg 60C2F248-12C5-4885-9B5C-A99EA2E3542E.jpeg 47B24863-FA68-4024-9AE8-A3FAC9D8EFAA.jpeg 751E1A96-CA18-4119-9C77-0A7B643AD5D9.jpeg EBBD104F-8A2A-4CB5-B5A4-D8C7CFF568F0.jpeg 5126100C-93E4-4AE6-B582-1DE3B5282269.jpeg 85DD156E-AF14-4F6A-9195-FDB952E18364.jpeg 0E78FB67-C88B-43E0-89CB-9E4A09D8D9C6.jpeg BDDD778B-434F-4C8C-B7E4-2B9958FA2F69.jpeg