Need forks

Well Im in need of a fork for a late model lil Indian. Does anyone know who sells them or the size I need or anything. found a crashed one an been budget building it an went to bend the forks back.. Someone crashed it an now there shot. Very sad my son thought it was almost done an now I can't find a decent price for any. Here the bike before the really messed them up.. On its test drive I could tell it was still bend back way to far as someone pointed out on a different post. It was squirly! IMG_20200212_213549.jpg IMG_20200212_213535.jpg
The problem is its bent where the plate is and the handles are off wack also. they are both bent an not in the same places. An I can't find a replacement and I tried heat an a small sledge an I can't get them straight
You don't need heat they bent cold bend them back cold. Look at my pics again. I didn't use any heat and they came back where I wanted them. You need to anchor them to something solid and them bend them with leverage. You can use a big press as well if you use a backer to spread the load so it doesn't dimple the tubing. Clamp the legs down right up against the plate and then bend the plate back in line with leverage. You just need a solid point to anchor them so that they don't move. Looking at your pictures it appears they are bent exactly like the ones I straightened in the pictures. Just below the triple trees. If the bars are bent as well then clamp down the triple trees after you straighten the legs and twist the bars back where they need to be.
Thanks guys again! I contacted a local shop that's got a press he said bring them. In an he will see what he can do. an looking at those pics with the press I should be able to get them straight an hopefully doesn't cost me some insane money! I'll just show him how it was done an hopefully he just goes... Yea kid I know lol..
Amazing day! Went to shop. Handed off the bars he got them as straight as there gonna be. But the best part is there all even an where there suppose to be! An...... AN.... AN........ HE DID IT FOR FREE!!!!! AMAZING.... Guy just said np man get it back together. Deff tell he has a love for bikes no matter if it was a little mini bike an not a custom chopper!