Need help with ID-Ing these two vintage karts

I'd like to sell these but not before I know what they are. Anyone have any ideas?

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Thanks Tom. Randy Keller said Simplex on that one also. I know some things were added and changed. I'll have to look at the steering support.

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I don't think its a simplex ..and almost 100 percent sure nuttin to do with putt nik ..specially a scorpon them and phantoms was put niks best live axle race karts duel motors could be added .. there inexpensive model was aries ..dead axle ..I have putt niks and somplex karts om cleaning out my shed I no there in there
Hi, This Is Approximately Year Of 1962 Fox 2100 Red Go-Kart, Not The Go-Boy. This Red Kart With Dead Axle And Twin Tire Scrub Brakes. Had White Seat. Red 2.5 H.P. Clinton 2cycle Motor. Right Hand Drive. Not Left Hand Drive. Had The Three Spoke Steering Wheel With Three Holes In Each Spoke. Also Had The Three Holed Gas And Brake Pedals, As Shown In Your Photo. Except, Tie Rods, Gas/Brake Pedals, And Rods Were Chrome. The Steering Wheel Was All Red. This Kart Is On My Hot List. I Am Looking For This Kart In Mint Condition With Reasonable Price. Go On Google. Type In, Vintage Fox 2100 Go-Kart. The Red Kart Sales Brochure Will Pop Up. Don't Waste Time. There Is None For Sale. I Am Looking On A Daily Basis For This Kart. Why? Because At The Age Of 11, I Had This Hot Screamer. Sold It Like A Fool. But Now, At 61, I Am Redoing My Mistakes.