New Guy with a Doodle Bug

Hello everyone, new guy here with a Doodle Bug mini bike. My father picked up this project from a friend and I've been tasked with getting it together. It had a bad engine and a new predator 79cc engine to go in. Has anyone used the Predator 79 engine in one of these before?


Greetings..welcome..those little engines are pretty weak..if you want to just flinstone it off and then just cruise flat pavement then ok if you not weigh over 150lbs...otherwise save some bucks up for a predator 212,clutch and chain and be careful of need around a 58t or so split sprocket and an adapter to tame it and get more top speed..cheers
Hello! I would have to agree with Raskin; go with the 212; it's on sale for $99.99 (coupon code: 18870867); $10 more than the 79. I'm skeptical of the 79's claimed 3 HP; I think it would be more like 2.5, at best (a 98cc Honda GX100 is rated at 2.8 HP).
Hey guys, Thanks for the quick responses. I thought I setup notification on the thread but I guess I didn't do it right, just now checking back in. The future riders for this will be my son and niece who are currently 5 years old. Knowing that would you still recommend going up to the 212 and just restricting the throttle or would you stick with the 79 that I have available? I saw some throttle packages that work for the 212 but it didn't look like it would work for the 79. Are the clutches universal for these small engines? Wondering if I can reuse the old one from the old motor. It was a 98cc engine. Thanks again for the welcome and replies.


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The stock motors are best used as door stops or boat anchors lol for a 5 year old the small predator should do the job without an issue. I helped a friend set one up with the same setup for his grandson and it worked good for what he wanted.
I recently purchased a Doodle Bug with a worn motor. After a little research, I decided to install the Predator 212. Glad that I did. I know that you said two Five Year Olds would use it, but if you are like most of us, you will want to take it out for spin yourself. Besides, the kids will likely outgrow the 79cc quickly. My recommendation is to put in the Predator 212, rig it to minimize acceleration and top end and start looking around for another bike that you can really modify for personal use.