new guy

i got a baja doodlebug (newer style) a few years back as payment for staining a deck and its been a fun little pit bike. my property is mostly a hill so i grabbed a predator motor from harbor freight to throw on there. after realizing the clutch wouldnt swap i bought one from a guy and its for a #40 chain i believe. i stumbled onto here trying to find which one i needed and decided to join.

the #35 chain clutch should be here this week and ill hopefully be ready to ride. just sayin hello for now ill post some pictures this weekend
Got it all swapped out. Still need to connect the kill switch and I need to redrill a mounting bolt hole. Oh also fix or replace the bent fork :)

Runs great! This thing is a smile machine

I ran into a tension issue with the chain. I need a half link or a different tenisoner as you can see in the pics it’s too loose.


Loosen that tensioner,flop it downward. Remove links from chain.
Pulltensioner up after chain is as tight as you can get it.
I tried the tinsoner every whichaway this was the best result but I will play with it more.

I had the chain shorter to begin with and the darn thing was too tight. I had to add two links in order to use the master link and it’s too loose.

I know they have half links I’m going to try taking the two links off and adding a half link.

It stays on good now but if the rear sprocket hits dirt the chain will pop off