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Hello, Today’s score. It was originally red, redone about 15+ yrs ago possibly longer painted green. Looks to be complete. Back wheel locked up but has compression. I was surprised the pull still worked. Tires are beat. Also the original paperwork that came with it. If anyone has any input I’d appreciate it. I hope the photos post.


This will be my first mini bike to work on. I redid a bunch of quads, 3-wheelers, 2 Honda Odyssey 350’s yrs ago. I’ll see if i can get it running. Have to see what i am working with. I may keep it as close to the way i found it but rideable. Until i have some time into and part costs i may give it some paint. I just picked it up so i need to so some research.
Nice. Looks like a fun project. If you have any questions during the build I’m sure these guys can help. I bet skip has the parts for it. That guy has all the cool mini bike stuff.
Awesome find this will be great project. Get your self. Nice seat. And some take that thing back down to bare metal. Some paint and decals and a tune up and I bet she fires up. I’d let the tires be give it that old patina look lol no definitely grab some new rubber lol it’s a good start to a fun project.


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Nice! too bad the original Tecumseh is gone and a late model Briggs is put in place, but at least they thought enough to keep the guard in it. the ones with the disc brake were 1968's and into '69 I have that same instruction sheet here I bought off ebay a few years back for my collection (I have campus bikes) Mine names clinton and lauson (Tecumseh) where your only shows Lauson (tecumseh) though so its probably a tad earlier printing than yours when they knew for sure that Clinton was definitely not going to be in the picture for powerplants. IMG_4535.JPG
Thanks Markus,

Very helpful info. I wasn’t sure on engine. I figured when the friend redid it they used a different one. Im not up on my small engine history. It would be from the 80’s when i had to mow the law! Lol. Knowing that i now have freedom.